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5 facts about Israeli Druze, a unique religious and ethnic group

Like a number of other ethnic groups in the Middle East, such as the Kurds, the Druze live in several different countries, separated by borders drawn after the breakup of the Ottoman Empire in the early s. But unlike the Kurds, who are largely Muslim, the Druze are a unique religious and ethnic group. Their tradition dates back to the 11th century and incorporates elements of Islam, Hinduism and even classical Greek philosophy.

Today, 1 million-plus members of this community live primarily in Syria and Lebanon and, to a lesser extent, in Israel and Jordan. In Israel, the Druze are a close-knit community active in public life, according to a new Pew Research Center study of Israel. Roughly two-thirds say they have a special responsibility to take care of Druze in need around the world.

Taken together, our collection is among the largest in Europe and North America. ‘Ajā’ib al-makhlūqāt ‘Wonders of Creation’, dating from the same period by Zakarīyā ibn A small collection of Arabic manuscripts containing a number of Druze fully digitised and are available in Digitised Manuscripts (search for Druze).

Your personal link to the world. Some , Druze living in Israel are a unique ethnic minority amongst Arab citizens of this country. They speak Arabic language, and they also serve in the Israel Defense Forces. Druze are a religious minority too, but even though the religion of this community originated from Ismaili Islam, generally speaking, Druze are not considered Muslims. There are many things to see here: start with the popular market in the town center, maybe buy one of many beautiful traditional Druze and Arab products, then proceed to the memorial center for fallen Druze IDF soldiers, the home of the author Sir Laurence Oliphant, and to the shrine of Abu Ibrahim who is consider a prophet by Druze.

In , the Garden of the Mothers was opened in this town. Near the town, you can visit the gorgeous Mount Carmel National Park , Israel’s largest national park, home to many bicycle and walking paths, dedicated nature reserves, and over archaeological sites. It was established in the early 18th century on the ruins of an ancient, Byzantine settlement.

Many Crusader ornaments and relics were found here, which is why the historians believe that this village used to be a Crusader center. Visitors can see the excavated remains of the 5th-century Jewish settlement of Husifah, which includes a synagogue and its mosaic floor with Jewish symbols.

Keeping the faith?

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Therefore, Syrians usually keep their relationships and dating lives very private from family and friends. People also tend to marry at a young age, with rural and​.

The Druze numbered more than 1,, in the early 21st century and live mostly in Lebanon, Syria, and Israel, with smaller communities in other countries. In the doctrine was publicly preached for the first time, causing riots in Cairo. The Druze faith gradually died out in Egypt but survived in isolated areas of Syria and Lebanon, where missionaries had established significant communities.

At that point, proselytism ended, and the Druze ceased to recognize conversions to the faith. The Druze still do not permit conversion, either away from or to their religion. Marriage outside the Druze faith is rare and is strongly discouraged. Many Druze religious practices are kept secret, even from the community as a whole. Despite the small size of their community, the Druze have figured prominently in Middle Eastern history.

The Druze enjoyed considerable autonomy under the Ottoman Empire and often rebelled against it, protected from direct Ottoman control by the mountainous terrain of their homelands. From the 16th to the 19th century, a series of powerful feudal lords dominated Druze political life.

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You will not see all the features of usa websites. Please update your browser. A list of faith most popular dating can be found below. When Mazen Takri was a teenager finishing high school in the suburbs of Los Angeles, a year-old the conflict came to haunt him in the most unexpected of places: his dating life. He met a girl whose family was Maronite, members of the largest Christian group in Lebanon.

Trump: Time to recognise Golan Heights as Israeli territory

Are you only marrying this person because he happens to be Druze? Harfouch is 23 years old with green-blue eyes, lightly freckled skin, and long, dark hair. On her left hand she wears a big diamond engagement ring. On her right wrist she wears a multi-colored beaded bracelet: green, red, yellow, blue, and white—the colors of the Druze star. Druze is a tiny Arab religion that originated in the Middle East 1, years ago.

There are just over 1 million adherents in the world, with large concentrations in Lebanon, Syria, and Israel and roughly 30, in the United States.

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Finding a life partner is hard enough for anybody. Members of the Druze faith face an added pressure: keeping the religion alive. The faith is thought to have about 1. But an exodus of people fleeing wars in those countries has fueled a small but growing diaspora. There are about 30, in the United States, with the largest concentration in Southern California. While the Internet has made it easier for Druze to connect with each other — Kaedey met her husband on social media — growing contact with the outside world has increased the chances that members will marry outside the faith.

That is a path to extinction, because the religion does not accept converts and in its more conservative strands rejects children of mixed marriages.

Finding a life partner is hard enough. For those of the Druze faith, their future depends on it

The Epistles of Wisdom is the foundational text of the Druze faith. Although dwarfed by other, larger communities, the Druze community played an important role in shaping the history of the Levant , where it continues to play a large political role. As a religious minority in every country in which they are found, they have frequently experienced persecution.

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There are about , members of the Druze community living in Israel today, out of a total of some 1. They are one of the Middle East’s most ancient and unique ethno-religious minorities, known for their bravery in battle, tight societal cohesion, and secretive beliefs. According to their own historic narrative, the Druze trace their origins back to the biblical figure of Jethro, the Midianite elder who became a father-in-law and mentor to Moses.

They continued to live in the southern deserts until sometime after the Islamic conquest, when Muslim persecution forced the Druze to flee northward, where they found refuge in mountain-top villages on the Carmel, Hermon and other high ranges in the Levant. The Druze often are mistaken for an offshoot of Islam, but they have much older beliefs. They adhere to close-knit communal life but also integrate well into their adopted homelands, including in Israel. In fact, the Druze boast the highest rate of induction into the military of any sector of Israeli society, even exceeding the Jewish rate, and they serve in all branches of the IDF.

Israel’s top leaders, President Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, both recently lauded the Druze for their loyalty to the nation and its defence. Rivlin acknowledged the biblical link between the Jewish and Druze people as dating back to Moses and Jethro, even affirming that these two patriarchs made a “covenant” with one another which creates a unique bond between the two peoples to this day. He added that he would like to see members of the Druse community integrated into all aspects of Israeli endeavour.

Meantime, Netanyahu sent a message of “blessing” to the Druze, expressing appreciation for their high levels of service in the IDF and police force, and for their spirit of partnership in building up the nation. By supporting the work and ministry of the ICEJ, you can encourage and bless the people of Israel in very tangible and meaningful ways.

Reconstructing Druze population history

The family is the most important aspect of life to Syrians. It is thought to encompass not only the nuclear family unit but also grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. The current Syrian home structure cannot be generalised as many families have been fragmented by conflict and war. Many households are also currently sustained by relatives that work in other countries and send money back.

In addition, the Druze communities throughout the United States and Canada have The most fr equent challenge was undoubtedly the taboo on dating: As a​.

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Inside the Druze community

The browser or device you are using is out of date. It has known security flaws and a limited feature set. You will not see all the features of some websites. Please update your browser.

DruzeLink is the world’s first Druze dating and networking app. Our religion is built on culture, tradition, and trust. DruzLink is here to strengthen that. Whether.

Lebanon is frequently referred to as a model of a plural and stable democracy in the Middle East: a multi-ethnic and pluri-religious society that guarantees political representation through a power-sharing confessional framework. Numerous authors also see the consociational model as the best democratic alternative given such a high degree of domestic heterogeneity. In this article, I analyse two domestic dimensions that hinder the success of the Lebanese democratic experience the pre-attribution of seats and distortions of representation and point to the limits, effects and consequences of consociationalism in this specific confessional reality.

The results of this case study indicate that highly institutionalised consociational arrangements can lead to sectarianism, institutional instability, clientelism, and state frailty. I also lay out some lessons and implications that can be derived from such a framework in terms of harmful sectarian narratives at both the local and regional levels.

Lebanon is frequently referred to by scholars, and by conventional wisdom, as an example of consociational democracy in the Middle East. The country also enjoys levels of freedom, pluralism, and civil rights that are well ahead of other Arab countries Makdisi and Marktanner Despite an enduring civil war in neighbouring Syria since and increasing regional turmoil, Lebanon has been able to maintain stability, internal security, and the rule of law.

In short, Lebanon is one of the only — if not the only — democracies in the Arab Middle East. In spite of the troubled contemporary regional context, Lebanon is one of the few examples of democratic stability in the Middle East, and its political arrangement is an archetype of successful multiculturalism. The Lebanese confessional system is characterised by the proportional distribution of political power among the different religious communities according to their demographic weight and geographic distribution.

This is achieved by reserving a proportional number of high-level government offices, cabinet seats, legislative seats, and public employment to representatives of each religious community Saliba

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